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In the midst of life's grand tapestry, where two paths intersect and strangers become entwined as lovers, a beautiful story begins. Your journey together, marked by shared moments and whispered dreams, is a symphony of love that deserves to be celebrated. Allow me the heartfelt honor of capturing the essence of your devotion and the unspoken language of your love. Let my lens weave the narrative of your intertwined souls, immortalizing the tender glances, the gentle caresses, and the cherished moments that paint the canvas of your unique love story.

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Your Unforgettable Couple & Engagement Journey


It's your time to shine as a couple! With me, there's no need to put on a show. Let's celebrate your unique bond, quirks, and all, capturing the essence of your love authentically. After all, being yourselves is what makes your story truly beautiful!

Being Authentically YOU!


Get set for a session brimming with laughter, tender stolen glances, and heart-skipping moments. I'm here to transform your engagement into an unforgettable celebration. From crafting poses and prompts to weaving in storytelling and capturing those intimate, fleeting moments, rest assured, I've got your back!

Fun & Memorable Sessions


Ready to showcase your love in style? I've got the perfect guide for you both! From outfits to settings, we'll handpick everything to complement your personalities and capture your connection in every frame. Every detail counts!

Curated Style Guide


Let's make this about your love story! Get ready for an experience that's as unique as the two of you. We'll dive deep into what makes your bond special, ensuring every moment together feels like rediscovering why you fell in love in the first place.

Personalized Connection


Send me an email, giving me a call, or fill out the contact form to say hello! We'll get to know each other a little better and dive into the creative vision.

Say Hello

When you're prepared to lock in your session, I'll send you a service agreement and invoice to complete.

I'm all in!

Secure Your Session

After locking in your session, I'll handcraft a personalized planning guide just for the two of you. It'll be filled with location suggestions, outfit inspirations, and unique ideas to ensure your session feels perfectly you.

refine the details

On our session day, it's all about creating an atmosphere where you can be yourselves! We'll laugh, chat, and capture those real, genuine moments that define your unique love story.

Session Day

First, a sneak peek! Then, get ready for the grand reveal—the full gallery. I'll present it to you through a sleek and user-friendly online space where you can relive those special moments.

Gallery Reveal


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The Couples & engagement details


Crafting the perfect pricing structure is like painting a masterpiece—it's a blend of artistry and attention to detail that captures the essence of refined celebrations.

When you secure your chosen date on my exclusive calendar with a non-refundable retainer, you're not just reserving a spot—you're entrusting me with your most precious moments, and I take that responsibility to heart. Plus, you'll gain access to a thoughtfully curated pre-planning guide, tailored exclusively for your couples' session or engagement shoot. From crafting stunning portraits to meticulously organizing the timeline, every element is designed with your unique vision in mind.

After our session, a curated collection of these cherished moments awaits in an elegant online gallery—a true testament to the dedication and artistry poured into immortalizing your exceptional journey together. It's my privilege to be part of your love story, and I'm committed to ensuring that every image reflects the beauty and emotion of your relationship.

Couples & Engagement Sessions $500

payment plans available at request

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What locations do you recommend for COUPLES/engagement sessions?

I suggest locations that match your style and preferences. Whether it's a scenic outdoor spot, an urban setting, or a sentimental place, we'll work together to find the perfect backdrop!

Do you assist with posing during the session?

Yes, absolutely! I'll guide you through natural poses that capture your love authentically. Our goal is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.

When will we receive our COUPLES/engagement photos?

Your online gallery will typically be delivered within 4-6 weeks following the session. Please note that timing may vary depending on our seasonal workload.


Certainly! Your photos are yours to use as you wish, including for invitations, save-the-dates, greeting cards, or any other special material.

Do you offer any package deals for engagement and wedding photography?

I do offer a discount on engagement photos for couples who book me for their wedding. However, I understand that not every couple opts for engagement photos, so I don't include them as a standard part of my packages. I believe in providing you the most value and ensuring that each aspect of your photography experience is tailored to your specific preferences and needs.